Northern Lites Glass Company, LLC


ADAS = Advanced Driver Assit System

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        ADAS calibrations are expensive and very time consuming, that's why most glass companies do not offer this service.

       Northern Lites Glass  has always put the customer and their safety first, and is why we have invested and teamed up with
Opti-Aim and Autel,  and have become the first on the Iron Range to become certified in windshield ADAS calibrations.


        Not only do we install your windshield properly, we can recalibrate your ADAS features back to OEM specs at the same time by either a Static or Dynamic calibration, eliminating the need for having to make a different appointment at the dealer for calibrating after your windshield has been replaced. If you have a vehicle with a windshield mounted camera, choose a repair shop that is Certified in ADAS calibrations. Choose Northern Lites Glass for your repairs. We are invested in your future! 

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